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Earchers are currently trying to expand the patient population that might benefit from parp inhibitors, which are generally well tolerated and have relatively few side effects. “to do that, we were attempting to render nonfamilial cancers deficient in dna repair,” he said. generic viagra online In prior studies, the yang lab found that inhibiting the epidermal growth factor receptor (egfr) pathway, which is commonly overactive in many tumor types, resulted in a dna repair defect similar to that seen in familial cancers. viagra samples They subsequently showed that this “forced” dna repair defect increased tumor sensitivity to parp inhibitors. prescription for viagra Because her2 and egfr are in the same family of proteins, yang and colleagues theorized that her2-targeted therapies might force a similar dna repair defect in her2-positive tumors, increasing their sensitivity to parp inhibitors. They found that her2-positive breast cancer cell lines were indeed sensitive to parp inhibitors, both in culture and when transplanted into mice. discount pharmacy viagra “however, the surprise was that these her2-positive tumors were sensitive to parp inhibitors alone, independent of a dna repair defect,” yang said. buy viagra online in malaysia “this means that there may be other mechanisms, outside of dna repair, that dictate the sensitivity of a tumor to parp inhibitors. viagra generic ” the researchers hope to further map out the reason why her2-positive tumors are sensitive to parp inhibitors. If better defined, the knowledge could ultimately broaden the clinical application for parp inhibitors. buy generic viagra “our research suggested that inhibition of nf-kb signaling is a possible cause of this sensitivity, but there may be other determinants as well,” yang said. cheapest prices on viagra “if we are able to find the determinants of sensitivity, we may be able to extrapolate our effects to other tumor types. viagra gold reviews ” this research was supported by a career development award from the uab specialized programs of research excellence (spore) in breast cancer (5p50ca089019-10), the sidney kimmel foundation for cancer research translational scholar award, the aacr-genentech biooncology career development award for cancer research on. To change this page, upload your website into the public_html directory
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